Hourglass hip procedure

Hourglass hip procedure

The hourglass hip procedure is a surgical technique that can help you achieve an hourglass shape. This procedure requires liposuction to be performed in multiple areas. The harvested fats would then be injected into the hips for the desired result.

Liposuction will be done in multiple areas including the abdomen, thigh, flanks, back or anywhere where there’s a great amount of fat deposit. The fat is collected in sterile canisters. I will then process them using a very specialized technique and equipment. I will inject the processed fat in multiple areas in the hips and around them so as to blend them with the buttocks.

After the hourglass hip procedure, a great waist-to-hip ratio can be enjoyed by the patient. Even the will show an amazing aesthetic result. You will love to see the Hourglass shape with nice round hips that blend with the buttocks. Over the years, I have developed this technique along with special equipment to deliver a permanent result.

Hourglass hip procedure
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