Areola widening

Areola widening

Among the common aesthetic complications after a breast lift surgery that patients experience is the widening of the areola. In cases of periareolar lift, a surgeon removes skin around the areola and more even more skin depending on the condition of breast sagging. The problem occurs once the skin is closed as it tends to have higher tension.

Because of the natural elasticity of the skin, it will eventually stretch over time. This occurs with the dark skin around the areola. Developing a widening of the areola is normal to patients that have undergone breast lift surgery. Can this be avoided? Surgeons have found a golden standard to counter this problem.

Among the most commonly used procedure involves Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is a non-absorbable suture that can lessen the tension of the closed skin. Once the skin is removed during surgery, a dermal cuff is created around the areola. By applying Gore-Tex sutures, it brings all the skin toward the midline and the suture also helps in reducing the tension of the closure.

Areola widening
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