What is a dog ear

What is a dog ear

Before a tummy tuck surgery, you will undergo a thorough physical examination to determine how much excess skin needs to be removed. The location of the excess skin will determine how long your scars will be.

If a surgeon failed to cut enough on the sides with the goal of minimizing the length of the scar, a patient will have excess skin that goes all the way to the flanks. This skin is going to bunch, creating what is called a dog ear.

A dog ear means you have excess skin puckering on the ends of the incision of the tummy tuck. While there are patients who get short scars after the surgery, the principle cannot be applied to everyone. The surgeon cannot simply create a1 cm incision and remove all the excess skin to give you your desired results. Depending on your body, keep in mind that trying to cut corners just to minimize scar length is a bad idea. It would only give you more aesthetic problems in the long run.

To correct this condition, your surgeon needs to extend the tummy tuck scar to the sides until the excess skin is completely removed.

What is a dog ear
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