Areas where fat is harvested for buttock augmentation

Areas where fat is harvested for buttock augmentation

In the Brazilian buttock augmentation, fat is harvested, eventually processed and injected into the buttock to reconstruct an ideal figure. In the anatomy of the buttock, there is gluteal muscle that gives the bulk of the muscle mass to this area. There is a fascia on the top of the muscle that is very thick and on the top of it is the superficial fascia, a layer of fibrous tissue and fat.

The fat that is injected inside it tends to last longer and the tendency of losing fat after the procedure are less as the blood supply will let the fat to exist for a quite extensive period of time. During fat injection inside the muscle, there is a limiting factor called fascia that bounds the muscle. This fascia is not quite supple, therefore as you inject fat inside the muscle, the fascia will stretch yet often it will not lead to the desired projection and figure.

If you are yearning for an hourglass figure, then injecting the fat inside the muscle is not going to lead in that shape you want. Why? Because the muscle is generally situated in the central part and expanded inferiorly to attach to the leg, altering your figure from a square or round or any other shape. The more fat is injected inside the muscle, the higher the risks of having major complications such as compression of the leg nerve and fat embolism. There are things you need to consider before undergoing the surgery. Basically, I inject 40% of the fat inside the muscle and 60% of the fat outside the muscle. This gives me a very consistent nice result.

Areas where fat is harvested for buttock augmentation
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