Areola reduction with breast reduction

Areola reduction with breast reduction

If you are too conscious not only with the big size of your breasts but as well as the size of your areola, you don’t have to worry anymore as there are current methods of treatment that can reduce the excess size.

In breast reduction surgery, there is a technique that involves circumferential excision of the border of the areola to reduce areola size. Some surgeons use laser in process. However, it leaves the same scar than the traditional method. You must keep in mind that areola reduction is normally associated with adverse scarring. This is because of the tension on the wound closure.

Areola reduction can be performed as a standalone procedure. However, it is usually performed in combination with other surgeries such us breast augmentation, breast lift but most commonly on breast reduction surgery.

If you’re interested in breast and areola reduction, you better consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. This is to know whether a traditional method or a laser assisted method would be performed on you to get your desired result.

Areola reduction with breast reduction
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