How pressure affects your buttock results

How pressure affects your buttock results

One of the most important requirements that a surgeon tells a patient after undergoing a Brazilian buttock augmentation is to avoid sitting for about two weeks or more. You might think that this is such a long time; however, there are essential reasons behind this advice.

The first two weeks after the surgery is a crucial stage as this is the period where your body will reabsorb the injected fat or will allow it to be nourished with new blood supply. In this period, the injected fat behaves as a graft. A graft is defined as a tissue without its own blood supply. It depends on the soft tissue that surrounds it for survival. In this intervention, we are talking about 700 cc to a 1000 cc. When this amount is injected, any stress can impact the results of the surgery negatively. In other words, pressure can ruin what you hope to achieve, not to mention the further complications that might arise due to your carelessness.

Putting pressure on your buttocks barely two weeks after the surgery can be combined to an elephant stepping on your toes. So if you want to have a good result, then following the protocol is a must.


How pressure affects your buttock results
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