Liposuction Cannot Tighten Your Skin

Liposuction Cannot Tighten Your Skin

In my experience as a surgeon, I often hear from my patients that they want to undergo liposuction to improve the appearance of their belly. It only proves that there’s a huge misconception on what liposuction can do to the abdomen. Most patients believe that liposuction can tighten the skin. Though this happens, it depends only if the patient has a very good skin tone.

I often discuss with my patients with a large belly, stretch marks, significant weights, etc that if they do not take care of themselves properly, there’s a high possibility that they will have excess fat and poor skin elasticity. If they undergo liposuction, they would gain more excess skin and there would be more sagginess, lumpiness and bumpiness on their belly.

How would you know if liposuction method can tighten your skin?

If you already had given birth and you have a poor skin tone, other cosmetic surgeries like a tummy tuck are highly recommended. Liposuction will be combined with this procedure to deal with the excess skin on your belly and to improve your skin’s elasticity. Remember, liposuction is not a tightening procedure. It is mainly a contouring procedure. It must be combined with other surgical techniques in order to achieve your desired result.

Liposuction cannot tight your skin
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