7 surprising facts about breasts

7 surprising facts about breasts

Most women believe that the size and appearance of their breasts is among the most important factors that define their appeal and beauty. Breasts issues and stories are among the favorite topics of both men and women! However, most people, especially women, still have a lot of unknown facts about their breasts. The following facts might surprise you!

1. Women buy more bras that don’t actually fit their breasts perfectly. Because bras are part of everyday life, most women tend to buy more bras than they actually need. In doing so, they often overlooked if they got the right size or not. This is especially important, moreover if they have undergone breast augmentation.

2. Majority of the women in the world are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. There are studies that show that approximately 70% of women aren’t happy with the shape, size or contour of their breasts.

3. Breast erections do happen. When women get sexually excited, breast erection takes place. There are even women in the world that can reach climax even just through breast stimulation!

4. Breasts can get hurt by physical activities. When a woman is physically active and engages in athletic activities, it is normal to feel breast pain. If you can’t avoid heavy movements, make sure to wear a support bra to avoid pain and other complications.

5. Many women aim to have the biggest breasts in the world. If you’re planning to undergo plastic surgery, let a skilled surgeon take the necessary measures and recommend you the best site that would suit your body.

6. Breasts differ in size and shape. Proven by science, breasts are not accurately symmetrical.

7. Breast augmentation is the new trend. According from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of interested women who want to undergo breast augmentation is dramatically on the rise.

7 surprising facts about breasts
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