Why implant displacement occurs

Why implant displacement occurs

Breast augmentation using implants is the quickest way available to increase the size of your breasts. It is not surprising that in the US alone, the number of patients that get breast implants in a year rises to a million.

Despite the impressive results, it is inevitable that this procedure comes with risks and potential complications. The most common complication associated with this surgery is the breast implant displacement.

What causes implant displacement?

Even before and after the surgery, surgeons remind their patient to avoid high endurance activities like hardcore exercises, workouts and sports. Strenuous activities put the implants at risk of getting displaced. This is strongly recommended up to four months after the intervention.

If you’re an athletic enthusiast, your surgeon will advise you to get a round breast implant. This is because the tear shaped breast implants are more likely to get displaced during sports. If this happens, you need to undergo another surgery that involves either the removal or repositioning of the implants. The top reason why this condition occurs is the carelessness of the patient. So keep in mind to practice what your surgeon tells you to do in a given period of time.

Why implant displacement occurs
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