Stretch marks after a tummy tuck

Stretch marks after a tummy tuck

To remove the saggy skin, tighten the abdominal wall and to contour your abdominal profile are the main objectives of the tummy tuck surgery. However, there are patients who want to believe that this procedure can also remove their stretch marks. Luckily, this surgery can help. The removal of the stretch marks is a byproduct of the tummy tuck surgery.

Facts about stretch marks:

-Stretch marks on the abdomen are triggered by weight gain, pregnancy and others.

-The stretch marks appear on the outer layer of the skin when the collagens get damaged.

-The abdomen is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when it comes to having stretch marks.

-Stretch marks cannot be treated completely, but they can be made less noticeable and visible.

-Keeping your skin hydrated and eating healthy foods can help prevent or minimize the development of stretch marks.

How does the tummy tuck surgery help treats stretch marks?

Although tummy tuck surgery is primarily devised to remove the excess skin and fix the loosened muscles of your abdomen, patients benefit from the byproduct of the abdominoplasty surgery. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon would identify the excess skin that needs to be removed and would perform the incisions on the target region. The surgeon will then approach the muscles through the incisions and tighten them. In most cases, the stretch marks are on the excess skin that needs removal; hence, the condition is effectively treated.

Stretch marks after a tummy tuck
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