What are the symptoms of capsule contracture

What are the symptoms of capsule contracture

After four to six months of breast implant surgery, it is normal to have capsule forms around the implant. This is a normal issue because it happens to every patient. However, if this condition develops into a capsular contracture, it can be quite alarming.

Usually, capsular contracture develops two years after the surgery. So it is important to know the symptoms of this condition so you can easily see help from your surgeon.

As a skilled surgeon, here are the three physical characteristics that I look for to determine if a capsular contracture has occurred:

Firmness- For me, this is the most important factor. After the placement of the silicone implant, your breast should feel natural and soft. Once you felt firmness in your breast, you might be having the early signs. However, this can be more complicated if you have saline implants because this type actually feels firm.

Abnormal Shape- When your breasts appear very round and look higher than normal, you might have the advanced level of capsular contracture.

Tender Breasts- When you touch your breast and it feels tender and cold, this is a symptom of an advanced level and you might need surgery.

Understanding what symptoms you need to look for is extremely important for the management of capsular contracture in the event that this occurs.


What are the symptoms of capsule contracture
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