Top heavy and buttock results

Top heavy and buttock results

Did you know that the result of buttock augmentation on the hourglass shape also relies heavily on the overall aesthetic and the balance between the torso on the lower part of your body?

Look at the hourglass shape. You would notice that the width of the top part tends to be smaller than the width of the buttock.

I’ll draw a line through the torso and a line through the midline of the buttock. You’ll definitely notice that the buttock tends to be wider. This is an illusion of having a small top that goes and curves in with a smaller waist and then out on the buttock area for the ultimate hourglass shape. This is extremely important when it comes to buttock augmentation.

If the width of your shoulders is significantly larger than the width of your buttock, then you are in the category that is called top heavy. During the procedure, the surgeon must take into consideration the tightness of your skin and much excess skin you have. The overall aesthetic of the bottom half and the top half of the body must be looked upon thoroughly as well.

Patients, who are categorized as top heavy, often get disappointed. This is because the surgeon is not going to be able to change the width of the shoulder. This is mainly muscle and bone,

Yes, you’ll be able to get improvement in the buttock with a better shape, but when we compare the lower half of your body with the top half, you still are going to look disproportionate. The surgeon can remove the fat from those areas with excessive deposit using liposuction and then inject them in regions that need enhancement.

Top heavy and buttock results
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