Revision of tummy tuck bad outcome

Revision of tummy tuck bad outcome

The main objective of a tummy tuck procedure is to give you a flat abdomen. Patients who have unpleasant abdomen to a number of factors turn to this procedure to regain their welcoming appearance.

Aside from the removal of excess skin, the procedure helps in tightening the abdominal wall as well. Though this might give you a flat looking abdomen, most of the time, you would notice that you have no shape. This is because of the changes that will happen on the ratio of your hips to your waist. Now if you want to achieve an hourglass figure, a revision tummy tuck can be performed on you.

However, this revision surgery has a drawback. On the first surgery, the excess skin will be removed, thus giving you not enough skin to have your scar in the bikini line. Surgeons often use the technique cutting the excess skin, pulling the flap down, closing the area where the previous belly button was, and then recreating a new belly button.

After the surgery, there will be instances when you will bend forward, sit or stand in certain position, you will notice a minor amount of sagging skin or a visible fold. This is normal. It does not mean that the revision surgery is not successful. If the patient is really determined to improve her aesthetic appearance, the result can even be toned with physical exercises.

Revision of tummy tuck bad outcome
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