The best technique for buttock augmentation

The best technique for buttock augmentation

It is quite easy to predict the result of the augmentation surgery using an implant. But when it comes to injecting fat, it is quite hard to expect a firm result as the fats injected need to survive in the body first. The result of this procedure varies from one patient to another, depending on a number of factors.

Here are the different factors that every surgeon must consider when injecting fat in the buttock:

The fat must be injected in different levels including inside and outside the muscle because these areas have a higher blood supply. There is also a recipient bed in this area that is more suitable for long-term results.  It is also a good technique that can minimize the risk of complications.

There are plenty of studies that show that the less you do with fat, the better. That’s why how you strain the fat and how you remove the fluid from the extracted fat is extremely important. If the fat to be injected is not processed, the excess fluid will be reabsorbed by the body, thus lessening the volume significantly.

It is of high importance to choose a surgeon who understands the entire concept of buttock augmentation using different techniques and has mastered them all with time. The surgeon must also have years of experience in performing these procedures to actual patients.

The best technique for buttock augmentation
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