The v shaped buttock

The v shaped buttock

Before anyone undergoes buttock augmentation, a surgeon will need to assess the type of buttock that a patient has. There are different types of buttocks and the V-shaped buttock is considered as one of the most challenging for surgeons.

What is a V-shaped buttock?

A V-shaped buttock has a very small width at the lowest part of the butt compared to the top of the buttock. Here are other possible characteristics of a patient with this shape of buttocks:

  • The buttock is very small.
  • They tend to be overweight.
  • They tend to be top-heavy.
  • The central part of the buttock and the sides has very tight skin.

If you have a V-shaped buttock, your surgeon will tell you that you are not the best candidate. However, you can still have this procedure as long as you are briefed thoroughly with the possible results. Yes, fat transfer can also be done to the buttock but there are a number of natural anatomical factors that will impact the final result negatively.

It is almost virtually impossible to correct a V-shape buttock to an A shape due to the following reasons:

  1. The skin is extremely tight.
  2. The skin on the sides of the buttocks has a limit on how much it can stretch when fat is injected. It is almost impossible to reverse the proportion.

If you have this type of buttocks, there is going to be an improvement, but make sure to set realistic expectations.

The v shaped buttock
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