Swelling and bruising after buttock enhancement procedures

Swelling and bruising after buttock enhancement procedures

Before anyone could rip the benefits of any kind of cosmetic surgery, he or she needs to recover first. Just like in buttock augmentation, even if the procedure takes only a few hours, the recovery time is longer. In this period, the patient must be well-disciplined and must be well-informed about the pain, swelling and bruising that can occur after the surgery.

Swelling is the body’s natural reaction to the surgery. This condition is temporary. The period of swelling varies from one patient to another. As the body heals from the surgery, the swelling will subside eventually. But because of this condition, your buttocks would look bigger than what you expect. But you shouldn’t worry as this is all part of the healing process.

Bruising, on the other hand, is also a normal part of recovery. This is caused by some blood that leaked to the tissues and muscles. The body’s response is to remove them which gives the appearance of bruises. Some patients take a longer time to recover from these conditions, but you have to be patient. If you think you are experiencing other kinds of discomfort aside from swelling and bruising, it is always best to visit your surgeon so you can be assessed if you are healing well or not.

Swelling and bruising after buttock enhancement procedures
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