Stiffness in the shoulder after breast implant surgery

Stiffness in the shoulder after breast implant surgery

Women who have undergone breast implant surgery usually experience stiffness in the shoulder. Pain and discomfort in the shoulders are the results of congealing and blemishing of the joint muscles.

What causes a stiff shoulder?

This condition can happen in a shoulder or both. It can occur even years after the surgery. The common cause is adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder that happens when the scar tissue had caused the joints to be thick. The most common symptom of this condition is pain and limited shoulder joint movement. You can notice this once you’re having difficulty to change your clothes or even comb your hair.

Here is a list of helpful treatments for Frozen Shoulder:

  • Perform stretching exercises that can enhance the limited movement of your shoulder joints. Do it regularly and you can save yourself from further complications like atrophy.
  • Your surgeon can prescribe certain medications that can you deal with the pain and treat the inflammation around your joints.
  • There are Corticosteroid injections that can ease the pain by relieving you of the swelling.
  • Engaging in physical therapy can help improve your shoulder and arm movements.
  • There is a saline solution that can be injected into the affected area to improve tissue movement.
  • There are surgical interventions that can be done when all the above-mentioned tips failed. Just make sure to contact a Board certified surgeon to do the treatment.
Stiffness in the shoulder after breast implant surgery
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