What is power-assisted liposuction technology

What is power-assisted liposuction technology

In today’s world, people are more conscious about the way they look. With modern methods of enhancing one’s physical appearance, more and more people are turning into different cosmetic procedures to remove those unwanted substances and excessive deposits from their bodies, which is commonly known as fat.

With the method of liposuction getting and getting famous all over the world, surgeons and medical specialists do not stop in finding out more innovative ways that can help them give patients guaranteed satisfactory results.

Among the methods developed is the power-assisted liposuction. Unlike what is being used in the traditional liposuction machine, this improved method utilizes a hollow cannula with a handle that can be controlled naturally. It gives the benefit of speed where the fat can be collected faster and more accurately from the regions with stubborn deposits. This power-assisted liposuction method best works for patients with very thick fat tissue.

It also lessens the damaging of more significant soft tissue. Also, the harvested fat is being preserved in the best way possible, saving the surgeon and the patient from more fatigue while giving a better result.

What is power-assisted liposuction technology
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