Mammograms after breast implants

Mammograms after breast implants

Mammogram screening is an essential procedure that is used in early detection of breast cancer. Patients who have breast implants worry that they can no longer undergo this procedure. Though it would be quite difficult to see what’s underneath, it is not impossible.

A patient with breast implant can still undergo mammogram screening. But be sure to inform the radiologist prior to the procedure so he/she can use a different procedure or technique to be able to see as many tissues in your breast as possible. Choosing a licensed and experienced radiologist to screen your breast is also a must. As long as patients inform their radiologist, rupture incidents can be prevented.

The radiologist usually takes additional pictures of the breasts that show the implants pushed back against the chest wall. This technique is somehow uncomfortable, especially to those patients who have a hard scar from their implants. If you have the implants placed underneath the muscles of your breast, then this technique would be easier for you.

Mammogram screening is generally considered as an uncomfortable procedure that’s why your surgeon might recommend other methods for screening. You can opt to undergo an MRI or have an ultrasound for detection.

Mammograms after breast implants
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