Location of the tummy tuck scar

Location of the tummy tuck scar

Among the top concerns of patients who are interested to undergo a tummy tuck procedure is the scar. Would it be long? Where would it be? There are even those that hope to get no scar at all. Though it might fade over time, it is impossible not to have a scar. If there are incisions, then there would be scars.

When it comes to tummy tuck procedure, the usual location of the scar has always been marked low in the abdomen. Called as the bikini line, surgeon often starts the incision from this mark. The location of the scar also depends on the tone of your skin where your surgeon would determine how much it can be stretched. Because of the skin’s elasticity, the starting and the end point of the cut will not be of the same length as when you chopped a piece of wood.

The top part of the incision will be brought down while the lower part will eventually be brought up. In most cases, patients think that they belly button is too low or that the location of the scar is too high. The distance between the scar and your belly button is determined by your skin tone. If you have a loose skin tone, the location of the scar will be lower while if you have a tight skin tone, the scar will rise higher. The exact location of your scar solely depends on your own skin tone after the tummy tuck procedure.

Location of the tummy tuck scar
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