Implant rippling

Implant rippling

When the folds or the wrinkles on the breast implants become noticeable, the condition is called implant rippling. When the rippling happens on the base and the side of the implants, it becomes extremely visible and it can be felt through the skin.

Implant rippling can happen due to the following factors:

Implant rippling usually happens on saline breast implants. When rupture happens, the implant will split and they will flatten immediately. When it comes to silicone implants, it is quite difficult to identify the rupture because the substance stays inside the shell and the breast tissue for a while before leaking out and creating the rippling effect eventually.

Here are the other auxiliary reasons that trigger implant rippling:

  • Use of voluminous implants
  • Insufficient breast tissue surrounding the implant
  • Underfilled saline implant
  • Overfilled breast implant
  • Placement of the implant over the breast muscle
  • Traction rippling

When rippling occurs, another surgery would be necessary. If the implant is overfilled, your surgeon needs to expel some portion of saline contents. If it is underfilled, of course, more solution will be put inside the silicone shell. If the implants were set over the breast muscle, they have to be removed and to be put underneath the muscle afterwards.

There are other treatment options for breast implant rippling. A complete replacement of the breast implant would be recommended as well as other fundamental modifications.

Implant rippling
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