Fat grafting versus silicone

Fat grafting versus silicone

Among the most popular types of breast enhancement surgery involves the use of silicone implant. However, there is a procedure that is dramatically being compared to the use of silicone. It is called fat grafting.

Fat grafting is a procedure that uses your own body fats for breast enhancement. This lessens the risk of causing adverse reaction to your immune system. In contrast with the silicone implant which uses foreign objects, fat grafting is considered as the safer one.

But of course, fat grafting still has its own risks. But they are considerably lesser in number and not very significant in intensity.

  1. Infection-This is common to any other surgical procedures. So make sure to follow precautionary measures and safe methods during and after the surgery.
  2. Cysts Formation-After fat grafting, oil cysts may be formed at the surgical site. A needle aspiration can treat this condition.
  3. Microcalcification-After fat grafting procedure, the fat recipient area may experience microcalcification. It can also trigger skin irregularity.
  4. Necrosis-When the fat injected into the breast may die, this can cause surface irregularity and bumps on the body may emerge as well.

Compared to silicone implants, patients can rest assured that there would be no implant leak and rupture as it doesn’t involve the placement of foreign implants inside of your breasts. It also creates relatively lesser swelling, pain and discomfort and requires shorter recovery time compared to that of silicone implants.

Fat grafting versus silicone
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