Rupture of silicone implants

Rupture of silicone implants

The most common complication that is associated with silicone breast implant is the possibility of rupture. Fortunately, the silicone breast implants that are available on the market today are way better than those that were on the market thirty years ago. With great advances in the medical field, the risk of rupture occurrence is very low.

Implant rupture is most likely to happen years after the surgery or if the patient experienced an accident that caused major impact to the breasts. The top question is, what will happen to the patient? Can it cause harm? Can the rupture be fatal? The good news is, even when implant rupture happens, it will not cause any harm to the patient’s body.

In case an accident happened, the patient will feel pain and discomfort. However, the decrease in the volume of the implant will not be noticed at once because the highly cohesive implant allows the silicone to stay in place. That’s why MRI is being used to determine if a rupture has occurred to prevent further complications like a capsular contraction.

If you had experienced implant rupture, you need to undergo a revision surgery. Depending on the factors that have brought changes in your breast, an incision will be made once more. Your surgeon needs to assess the best specific surgery that will treat the condition.

Rupture of silicone implants
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