Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation – part 1

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation – part 1

Whether it’s an hourglass buttock augmentation or the hourglass buttock augmentation, it involves harvesting of fat in different regions of the body where there are excess deposits. So how a surgeon does perform the procedure? Fat will be removed from multiple areas using liposuction method.

The amount of fat depends on the donor area of your body. This will then be processed; the excess liquids must be removed. Only the purified fat will be placed in syringes and will be injected into the body using a 3 mm cannula through small incisions. The survival rate of the injected fat relies heavily on the technique used by the surgeon.

Because the surgeon needs to reach different regions on each buttock, there would be multiple incisions created. In most cases, two incisions are needed to be done on the top of the buttock and one on the bottom part of the buttock. This is to easily insert the cannula in different vectors and the surgeon can smoothly sculpt your buttock until your desired shape is achieved.

The port at the end of the cannula needs to be small that’s why I use 3 mm or less. This is because if too much fat is coming from the tip, there’s a higher chance that it will be reabsorbed by the body. My technique is to inject the fat inside the muscle to achieve a nice and long term result.

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation - part 1
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