Exparel for pain control after a tummy tuck

Exparel for pain control after a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck procedure normally comes with postoperative pain. However, patients do not need to worry as the pain can be dealt with a number of ways.

Just recently, a medication called Exparel was released on the market. This medication came from the family that includes lidocaine, among others. It is combined with some fat lobules that are responsible for preventing the medication from being reabsorbed too quickly in the body. It is being injected in the body and helps in decreasing the pain for 72-96 hours.

After tightening the abdominal wall during surgery, Exparel was injected into the abdominal wall and the lower abdominal incision. This blocks the nerve fibers that are anatomically responsible for providing sensation to the different regions where the procedures have been performed.

If patients are provided with better pain control, they are more likely to be satisfied with the results. This can also help them to be more mobile. But above everything, this aids in decreasing the chance of complications such as blood clots and other respiratory problems.

Exparel has been receiving positive feedbacks ever since Although it is quite expensive at the price of $400, I still recommend to this to my patient as the benefits this medication can bring are really helpful and valuable.


Exparel for pain control after a tummy tuck
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