Infection and inflammation after liposuction

Infection and inflammation after liposuction

Despite the fact that liposuction is considered as a harmless procedure and there’s almost a hundred percent of satisfied patients, there is still a potential risk for infection to attack the surgical site.

After the surgery, the possibility of infection is almost inevitable. Your surgeon would usually recommend or prescribe antibiotics to avoid infection. This is for mild infections only. There are cases when severe infections happen and it would be difficult to prevent it with prescribed antibiotics.

In order to lessen the risk of infection, patients must keep the cleanliness of the surgical site. There are antibacterial soaps that must be used three times a day when washing.

There are infections that can be life threatening. One of these is necrotizing fasciitis. If taken for granted, this condition can lead to other complications and serious health problems. The common signs of infection are dizziness, high fever and nausea.

Soreness and swelling can also happen around the surgical area. There are rare cases of liposuction methods resulting in inflammation but most of them can cause soreness. Inflammation is considered as a normal condition as it is a sign that the wound is beginning to heal. However, if it extends after a few weeks, it is highly suggested to visit your surgeon for further assessment of your condition.


Infection and inflammation after liposuction
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