Do i need a tummy tuck

Do i need a tummy tuck

Are you someone who is not sure whether you need a tummy tuck procedure or not? Most patients come into surgical clinics, unaware if they are a good candidate for liposuction or not. The surgeon will then perform a physical exam before deciding if liposuction is the best recommended procedure for abdomen enhancement.

If you have the following characteristics before surgery, then most likely your surgeon will recommend you to undergo tummy tuck procedure.

-If you are overweight or you have lost and then gain weight again many times before, chances are your skin has been stretched. The excess skin must be removed by cutting it off.

-One of the signs that your skin has lost its elasticity is having stretch marks. Undergoing liposuction will only make your abdomen look bumpy, lumpy and uneven.

-Even if you do not have stretch marks but have been pregnant before, you will be required as well to undergo tummy tuck procedure. This is because when your uterus expanded, the elasticity of your skin has been damaged, too. Pregnancy is also known to cause muscle weakness in the abdominal wall.

-If you have a very significant amount of fat, there’s a high chance that your skin have already lost its elasticity due to genetic variables.

By taking time to understand the elasticity, tone as well as the issue of excess skin, you would be able to know the best suited procedure for you.

Do i need a tummy tuck
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