Discoloration of the skin after liposuction

Discoloration of the skin after liposuction

Even though liposuction is highly considered as a harmless procedure, it is no secret that it also entails risks, side effects and complications, especially if the surgeon is not Board certified and the patient is careless.

Now let’s talk about the most common side effect of liposuction which is bruising or the discoloration of the skin after the intervention.

During the surgery, there would be bleeding that can trigger the accumulation of blood under the skin at the surgical area. This condition makes the surgical area looks lumpy and it also leads to changes in color. The level of discoloration or bruising can depend on the type of liposuction method that is used. Normally, the color of the skin will return to its natural color after a month.

Your surgeon will prescribe utilizing cocoa butter and hydroquinone to treat skin staining after liposuction. If it extends any more than that, talking to your surgeon is highly suggested so that you would know what to do to reduce the discoloration of the treated areas.

A top tip– to be able to minimize or avoid the side effects and prevent complications, always make sure to select a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

Discoloration of the skin after liposuction
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