Liposuction and girdles

Liposuction and girdles

When it comes to liposuction or any other surgery, the patient’s ability and discipline to follow their surgeons’ instructions during the recovery period play a huge part for faster healing.

To help your tissues heal faster after the surgery and to make sure that the surgical wounds won’t tear, your surgeon would advise you to have a balanced diet and to avoid heavy physical exercises during the first weeks. Also, you would be required to wear girdles or other appropriate compression garments.

What are the roles of the compression garments?

Straight from the surgery rooms, the patient would be required to wear compression garments. This girdle becomes the second skin of the patient right after the surgery. The primary purpose is to correct the natural shape of the body and to tuck in the tissues after a plastic surgery. It also helps prevent the edema, swelling, and hernia that might occur on the surgical site.

You must choose a compression garment that is made of permeable materials so that it wouldn’t stretch over time. It must have multiple levels of compression as well for a great control. But the most important aspect is that it must feel convenient and comfortable to the body. This would allow you to easily move around the house or even when you are going to the shower.

It is highly recommended to wear the girdle non-stop, even at night, for two weeks after the surgery. However, if you’re a gym enthusiast, you would be advised to wear it during the first few months.

Liposuction and girdles
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