Different hourglass procedures

Different hourglass procedures

When a patient wants to have a smaller waist, a flat stomach and a bigger behind, I usually recommend the hourglass procedure. It is also associated with beauty, femininity, fertility, and better health.

The hourglass procedure is a popular cosmetic surgery for women over centuries, especially in the US. Now that the demand the hourglass figure is so high, it’s time to know about the different types of this procedure.

Through the years, I have developed a number of hourglass procedures that have gain positive results and high satisfaction among hundreds of his patients.

  • hourglass tummy tuck
  • hourglass butt implant
  • hourglass buttock augmentation
  • hourglass liposuction
  • hourglass hip procedure
  • hourglass mommy makeover
  • hourglass excisional buttock lifting

However, keep in mind that patients cannot simply achieve the hourglass shape through a traditional tummy tuck or a traditional butt implant surgery. The use of liposuction and fat grafting are common in almost all the hourglass procedures. But there are surgical procedures as well that are developed specifically to mold and tone the specific region of the body in order to achieve the perfect hourglass profile.

Different hourglass procedures
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