Calcium buildup in the breast tissue

Calcium buildup in the breast tissue

While it’s true that breast augmentation surgery delivers amazing results and changes to a patient’s life, it has its own risks and complications and side effects. Thus, it is essential that you must have knowledge not only about the benefits of the breast augmentation surgery, but as well with all its possible risks and possible complications. Only then must you come up with a final decision whether to go or not.

Among the health problems that a patient might encounter is the occurrence of calcification in the mammary tissue. Women in their menopausal stage have the higher risk of experiencing this condition. Also known as calcium build-up in the breast tissue, calcification has two forms, the macro calcification and the micro calcification. Macro calcification is the condition where there are calcium deposits that appear as large spots in the breast tissue.

There are cases where macro calcifications have triggered tumor development. On the other hand, micro calcification happens when there are varying sizes and shapes of calcium deposit backlogs in the tissue. What causes calcium build-up in the breast tissue? After breast augmentation, there are various factors that can trigger this condition such as injury, swelling of the breast during and after the breast augmentation procedure.

According to studies, patients who got larger breast implants are more prone to developing calcifications in the breast tissue. This can also occur as your breast implant ages. Calcification can be diagnosed via x-ray or mammogram. In rare cases, a biopsy may be required to diagnose or confirm presence of calcification. Your surgeon will study the reports to know if calcification has really occurred.

If a tumor had developed and found out to be non-cancerous, it does not need any special treatment as it will subside naturally. If the calcium deposits have congested the mammary ducts, it can be treated with a small surgery

Calcium buildup in the breast tissue
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