Buttock liquid silicone injections part 5 – complications

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 5 – complications

It is not a secret that turning to liquid silicone injection available in the black market can jeopardize your life. Made primarily for mechanical purposes, don’t be surprised that your body will respond negatively to this foreign substance.

As a surgeon, I have witnessed and learned that the body responds against the prohibited liquid silicone in three different ways.

If you have undergone this injection procedure, you can’t sit back and relax if nothing happened to you in the first couple of years. There is a large number of patients who seek the help of the Board Certified surgeons to save their lives from complications.

Although everyone is at risk of the future dangers, I realize that not all individuals who have had fluid silicone infused into their buttocks have experienced extreme confusion. There would be complications but the ramifications depend on the measurement of liquid silicone infused into the buttock. Others simply have greater healing power than most.

But no matter how much you believe in the healing capacity of your body and its ability to accept and adapt to the foreign objects that are being introduced to the body, You ought to try and avoid the utilization of a lot of restorative liquid silicone for delicate buttock augmentation. You must always seek the advice and help of the professionals.

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