Buttock implant recovery

Buttock implant recovery

Are you planning to undergo a buttock augmentation surgery with implants? If so, then you must be aware of the risks and complications that might possibly arise. It’s always a good thing to have a plan of your postoperative care.

First, your surgeon will require you to allow three weeks or more for recovery. Again, this is a must. Your compliance will define the speed of your recovery as well as your safety. You must be ready to avoid sitting during this period. So if you have a desk job or something, filing for a leave would be necessary.

Sitting can cause pressure that can open the incisions, making them vulnerable to infections. Your surgeon will give you Prophylactic antibiotics and other medications. They must be taken according to precautions to achieve faster recovery. You must also ensure that the incisions and the drain site are always kept as clean as possible.

After three weeks, you can finally do some exercises but make sure to do it with controlled aggressiveness. Your full compliance to everything that your surgeon asked you to do will be your key to a smooth and successful recovery.

Buttock implant recovery
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