Scars after a tummy tuck

Scars after a tummy tuck

Among the top concerns of patients who are interested to undergo a tummy tuck surgery is the scar. This procedure no doubts leave a permanent scar. However, the length and the maturity of the scar vary from one patient to another.

Most patients believe that the scar will completely disappear after a considerable amount of time. But this is not the case. But depending on your treatment and after care, it can become a fine line that is barely noticeable after a period of time.

Fortunately, a lot of treatments that can improve the thickness and the appearance of a scar after a tummy tuck surgery are available on the market. For a thick scar, the use of Kenalog injection can help a lot. Kenalog injections are steroids that can also be used for specific areas of the scars and it can minimize scar formation and decrease scars that have become thick over a given period of time.

There are also silicone dressings that can be used 24/7. This serves like a surgical tape that is placed over the scars. But remember, you can only use scar treatment after a month.

Scars after a tummy tuck
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