Breastfeeding after breast augmentation

Breastfeeding after breast augmentation

One of the most commonly asked questions of women who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation is that if they would still be able to breastfeed. As one of the essences of womanhood, women seek answers from their surgeon. However, the answer depends on how the breast augmentation surgery was done.

Most healthcare professionals advice their patients to have saline breast implants. But it doesn’t mean that those who want to have silicone breast implants would lose their ability to breastfeed. That is perfectly fine as long as the silicone implants are not leaking. In most cases, especially if performed by skilled and licensed surgeons, breast augmentation surgery does not affect milk glands, milk ducts, and the nerves.

Majority of the patients are still able to breastfeed their babies just like a mother without breast implants would. But even if licensed surgeons give permission to their patients to breastfeed their children, there are still some breastfeeding problems that arise from time to time.

But as mentioned above, it is not 100% guaranteed that breast augmentation surgery would always give the same good result. It depends on your surgeon. In case the milk glands and milk ducts get damaged, this can cause a “let-down” response of the breasts. This means the breast would not be able to release the produced milk while the baby is nursing. If the milk ducts or milk glands are damaged, the quantity of the milk being produced will decrease as well.

There is also a possibility that milk ducts can get clogged because of the additional pressure given by the breast implants. Of course, your surgeon will give you precautions and corrective measures on how to deal with these dangers. Just make sure to choose the best one.

Breastfeeding after breast augmentation
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