Aesthetic unit of the buttocks

Aesthetic unit of the buttocks

Buttocks augmentation all begins with a detailed assessment of the patient’s buttocks. It is a requirement that must be performed by the attending surgeon in order to achieve the best possible result. There are certain aesthetic units of the buttock that are highly significant in shaping the final result. A skilled and well-experienced practitioner knows that this kind of surgery is both a fat injection and fat removal procedure.

The main aesthetic units of the buttocks are divided into the following: Central part- This part serves as the basis for the shape of the buttocks that would best suit the patient. This is also the part that will provide the patient projection. The fat is being injected in different areas, depending on the level of deficiency.

Sacrial triangle- This part extends from the intergluteal fold all the way to the top of the buttocks. It defines the top of the buttocks and in most cases, this part is the one that needs to be liposuctioned in a more aggressive manner.

Inferior gluteal fold-Like sacral triangle, this specific region of the buttocks needs to be filled. In case there are fat pockets found, the surgeon must not perform too much liposuction as it might cause sagginess and banana rolls after surgery.

Ischial aesthetic unit- These parts requires different approach especially when a Brazilian buttock augmentation is to be performed.

Ischial area- This is the region where a lot of fibrous tissues are located like a fat pad. This is where most patients often have the deficiency. Oftentimes, this region requires to be dissected bluntly to release the fascia that is attached to the bone before performing fat injection.

Understanding the important details on the aesthetic units of the buttocks is highly essential for a successful Brazilian buttock augmentation.

Aesthetic unit of the buttocks
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