What is an extended tummy tuck

What is an extended tummy tuck

Before you undergo a tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon will first assess your body in order to determine what type of tummy tuck technique will work best for you. Mostly, it depends on the amount of excess skin in your body and the degree of your muscle weakness.

Most patients who come to my clinic wants to have a tummy tuck with a 2 cm incision in hopes of getting a short scar. However, this is impossible. The length of your scar depends on the amount of excess skin that you have.

Many believe that they can simply have a mini tummy tuck to improve their abdomen. But it is just a misconception. There are certain situations where a patient has gained too much weight and there are many stretch marks on the flanks and beyond.

The scar needs to be extended toward the back and sometimes toward the midline on the back. Usually, it just goes posteriorly for about 8 to 10 cm. This is called the extended tummy tuck. This procedure is a must because if your surgeon does not excise the excess skin, you will have bunching and puckering of the skin on the sides, leaving you with an unsatisfactory outcome.


What is an extended tummy tuck
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