Walking after a tummy tuck

Walking after a tummy tuck

As with any other surgical procedures, the risk of having blood clots is always associated. If not properly looked upon, this can bring lots of complications to the patients, and even death. If you have undergone a tummy tuck surgery, you might notice that your surgeon will keep on telling you the importance of walking during your recovery period.

Although it is strongly advised not to do tiring physical activities, walking is an exception. This activity can be extremely helpful in restoring your normal blood circulation, especially in the treated areas and thus preventing the occurrence of a blood clot.

However, you must keep in mind that you just cannot walk around for as long as you can in hopes of speeding up your healing and recovery. The walking exercise comes with a controlled effort, for a few minutes with a given interval.

Normally, your surgeon would advise you to walk for a few minutes, even slowly every two hours. You should not stress yourself and walk for hours as this can be harmful to the result of your tummy tuck surgery. Walking also helps speed up your metabolism thus saving you from constipation which can really be a big discomfort while you are healing.

Walking after a tummy tuck
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