Understanding buttock and hip

Understanding buttock and hip

Personally, I think that the hourglass buttock augmentation is better that the Brazilian buttock augmentation when it comes to providing projection. Even if you have a big behind and yet you’ve got a square shape, you’re not still going to look sexy. On this note, it is extremely important to understand what the hips and buttocks are.

If you’re getting confused, let’s take a look at these pictures for example.

The patient here has an hourglass shape and looks really sexy. You might instantly say that she’s got a curvy shape. However, if you look on the back view, you might be confused about the appearance of the hips. Here’s how it happens:

The buttock has a central part also means the midline and the lateral parts which means on the sides. Fat will be injected to the side to achieve an A-shape buttock or an hourglass shape. The front view will give us the hip area.

People often get confused about the difference of the thigh and the hip. The hips blend with the thigh. However, it can easily be identified by physical examination. There are women that look curvy at first sight but if you look closely, it is not the famous hourglass shape as the hips blend from the hip bone at the top, all the way passing the junction of the groin crease with the thigh, and distally with the leg. If the patient has a significant thigh, it will nicely complement the hips and the hourglass shape.

It is important that you really understand that the buttocks and the hips are two different anatomical areas before you make a final answer to your surgeon. The top question is whether you want to have hips, hips and butt, or only butt? If you do not have enough fat, you are going to need to compromise, because fat that goes in the hips does not go in the buttock.

Understanding buttock and hip
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