Breast augmentation and simultaneous buttock augmentation

Breast augmentation and simultaneous buttock augmentation

Many women who are dissatisfied with their body figures often want to undergo multiple plastic surgery procedures. Among the most visible and prominent aesthetic changes that women aims to be corrected are the buttocks and the breasts. Is the combo of butt and breast augmentation possible with a single downtime? With trauma and other issues associated with these surgical procedures, it is understandable that most patients want to endure both surgeries at the same time.

But, is it possible and safe?

As any skilled surgeon and practitioner would advise, undergoing breast and buttock augmentation is not as simple as you think. Though it can be done, most surgeons avoid it and advise their patients not to as there are plenty of discomforts involved during recovery.

Here are the top reasons why:

After breast implants surgery, a patient will be required to sleep on her back. When pressure is applied to the breasts, it can trigger complications like seroma, splitting of the incisions as well as infections.

On the other hand, once a patient undergone a butt implant surgery, she will be required to avoid resting on her back. Sitting would not also be allowed for two weeks or more. It means that if patients chose to undergo both breast and butt surgery, they won’t be able to rest or sleep on their front or back. It leaves them with only one option–to rest on their side during recovery.

This is such a daunting and uncomfortable situation for the patients. Any kind of pressure applied to the butt or breasts during recovery can increase the risks of complications. Infections in one part have high possibilities to spread in other areas, especially to those parts that have recently undergone surgery.

If sever infections arises, all four implants must be removed, which is only one of your worries.

Breast augmentation and simultaneous buttock augmentation
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