Buttock liquid silicone injections part 9 – the pneumonitis

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 9 – the pneumonitis

There are various studies and investigations that show the solid relationship between emboli triggered by liquid silicone injection. This is the main reason for a serious complication called pneumonitis.

There are various warnings from the FDA and even from the association of Board certified cosmetic surgeons to avoid this illegal substance to be injected into your body as there’s a long list of deadly complications it entails.

Pneumonitis is a condition in where the blood circulation is severely affected. The

The blood takes the liquid silicone into the lung which causes swelling. It also brings liquid in the lungs and triggers respiratory vessel blockage.

When the liquid silicone is injected into the butt, the fluid spreads to the alveolar area following embolism that reaches out to the lungs. This can cause problems in breathing, chest pain, high body temperature, hacking and blood in upchuck. These discomforts can happen even just six months after the injection.

Most patients who come to the clinic complain about these complications and symptoms that are needed to be treated right away to avoid death. So before you make your decision especially when it comes to enhancing your physical appearance, make sure to carefully weigh your options and the consequences.

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