How to prepare for buttock enhancement

How to prepare for buttock enhancement

Are you interested in undergoing buttock augmentation surgery? Devised to improve the size and aesthetic appearance of the buttocks, it is not surprising that both women and men are now relying on this procedure to achieve their desired figure or profile.

If you’re among those people who dreamed to have perfectly shaped buttocks, then here’s what you need to know and prepare before making a final decision.

  • Take advantage of the initial consultation. It is your best chance to know all about the procedure, its possible risks and complications and other precautionary measures, as well as your surgeon.

  • Because smoking has been proven to slow down the healing process after surgery, it is always advised to avoid smoking at least 4-6 weeks before and after the surgery. If you are taking certain medications, you have to tell it to your surgeon to know if you have to avoid them too of if you need to lower the dosage.

  • Be cooperative when it comes to pre-surgery medical tests and scans like X-Ray, blood tests, urine tests, etc.

  • Make sure to eat a healthy diet and to keep your body hydrated. This will boost your body’s natural healing capacity.

  • You will be advised to stop drinking and eating anything a few hours before undergoing surgery.

  • Make sure to have someone go with you on the day of the surgery to help you go home.

  • Wash and clean your body before the operation and avoid using any makeup. This is to lessen the risks of potential infections after the surgery.

  • You would be advised to wear loose clothes because, after the surgery, you will be required to wear compression garments.

  • During recovery, you will not be allowed to do physical activities which can last 3-6 weeks long. Make sure you have someone in your home to help you with the heavy chores.
How to prepare for buttock enhancement
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