How long do butt implants last

How long do butt implants last

Beauty is subjective yet some people set standards on it. As years go by, the standards of beauty are continuing to evolve especially that more and more technological advancements are being invented. One of the popular ways of beauty enhancement is buttock augmentation. It is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the use of silicone implants to add projection and volume to the gluteal area.

Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are made of solid silicone– making them hard to rupture. Butt implants can be a long-term solution for patients but it depends whether complications arise or not.

Are Buttock Implants Permanent?

Buttock implants are made of durable, semi-solid silicone material which can make them permanent. In rare cases where the butt implants have ruptured, it was due to the fact that unlicensed or inexperienced surgeons performed the surgeries. Another reason could be that the surgeon did not use FDA-approved implants.

The question is, when is revision surgery or implant removal/replacement needed? The following are several signs that indicate you need a revision surgery:

1. Asymmetrical buttocks

2. Implant displacement

3. Scar tissue hardening

4. Blood clotting and emboli

5. Infection During the first two months, the recuperation period greatly affects the results of the surgery.

In this period, the incisions are fresh, making the patient feel pressure every time the patient walks, sits, and lies down. Avoiding strenuous activities and not exerting pressure on the buttocks are advised to the patient to keep the patient’s implant away from being dislodged or displaced.

Buttock implants are made of highly-durable materials. They are permanent as long as they don’t cause any health problems for the patient. It is a matter of choosing a Board-Certified and qualified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery to maximize its benefits.

How long do butt implants last
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