Fat transfer to the hips

Fat transfer to the hips

Having an hourglass shape is among the top dreams of almost all women on Earth. But statistically, only 10% of women have been naturally blessed by this shape. Fortunately, there are existing surgical techniques to achieve the hourglass shape. Among the top choices is by performing fat transfer to the hips.

This procedure requires liposuction in order to harvest fat from any region of the body where there is an excessive fat deposit. The harvested fat would then be processed to make it pure before being reinjected to the area that needs enhancement.

The hip area is commonly being remodeled using this procedure. Fat must be injected in order to widen the hips and to create a better waist to hip ratio. Usually, fat transfer procedure is aided with the hourglass tummy tuck technique. The fats that were removed from the abdomen would be injected to the hip area to achieve a better shape and figure.

Take a look at the picture of the patient that had undergone an hourglass tummy tuck surgery. Look closely on the difference it the hip to waist ratio. The next picture shows a patient that had undergone liposuction. In most cases, the fat transfer is being combined with different techniques such as with buttock augmentation. It all depends on the patient’s needs, skin tones and others.

Fat transfer to the hips
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