Constricted belly button after a tummy tuck

Constricted belly button after a tummy tuck

The tummy tuck procedure is an aesthetic procedure that removes the excess skin below the belly button and tightens the muscles of the abdomen.

But like any other cosmetic surgery, complications can occur. Among the top reported complications of this procedure is what we call a constricted belly button. This means the belly button gets very small.

How does the belly button becomes constricted?

During the procedure, a new belly button is created. An incision is made to the new location of the belly button. The belly button would then be pulled through this new hole and sutured.

But since the belly button comes with a circular geometry, the forces of healing tend to be directed toward the midline. During recovery, it tends to contract due to the fibroblast, the collagen, and the entire new scar that is forming around the belly button.

As the scar gets contracted, the size of the belly button diminishes as well. However, this is not an alarming matter. You just have to inform your surgeon if this condition bothers you. There are plenty of treatments available such as Kenalog injection and scar revision. Kenalog is a steroid that helps keep the belly button open.


Constricted belly button after a tummy tuck
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