Best candidates for tummy tuck surgery

Best candidates for tummy tuck surgery

If you have a saggy, droopy or loose abdomen, there’s a high chance that you experience a drop in your self-esteem. A number of factors cause this condition such as genetics, weight loss, pregnancy and aging. Although there are tailored exercises and diet that can help deal with this condition, the easiest way to get rid of this unwelcoming aesthetic form is through a tummy tuck surgery.

How would you know if the tummy tuck the right procedure for you?

If you have the following factors, then you are an ideal candidate for this procedure:

  • If you have saggy skin that has developed in your abdomen that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • If the contour of your abdomen has been affected by pregnancy, weight loss, genetic factors, aging, or gravity
  • You have a hanging and protruding abdomen
  • You lack self-esteem and self-confidence because of your poorly contoured abdomen
  • You have a stable weight
  • You have good physical and psychological health
  • You must realistic goals and expectations

The tummy tuck surgery can be personalized depending on your needs. After a thorough assessment of your condition, the plastic surgeon will use special incision techniques and surgical methods to help you achieve improvement of your abdomen.

Best candidates for tummy tuck surgery
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