Anatomical buttock implant

Anatomical buttock implant

There are two types of buttock implants being performed today, the round shape and the anatomical shape. The round shape is the one that requires maximal projection on the middle of the implant while the anatomical shape implant shows less fullness on the top and more at the bottom.

With these two options, most patients are wondering why anatomical implant even exists. Most of them believe that beautiful buttocks must have significant projection in the central part. Anatomical implant is not posed to give this kind of result. Buttocks get naturally saggy when a person aged. It acquires a tear drop shape.

One major setback of anatomical implant is that it creates a pocket that fits precisely. This holds the implants so that they would not sideways or up and down. But once the pocket failed, patients would instantly notice a change in the shape of their buttocks. One possible indication of this implant procedure will be some sort of deficiency in the trochantheric area or any other part of the buttocks before surgery. I

f the patient’s assessment shows that the inferior part of the buttocks is less prominent than the top, only then will anatomical implant make sense. This will increase the fullness of the bottom. Also, if there’s a deficiency in any of the four quadrants of the buttocks, anatomical implant is recommended to create symmetry in the buttocks.

However, during your consultation, your surgeon would assess you and advise you on which implant better suits your anatomy.

Anatomical buttock implant
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