How soon after pregnancy can i have a tummy tuck

How soon after pregnancy can i have a tummy tuck

One of the main causes, why an abdomen becomes saggy, is pregnancy. For most women, this condition can relatively lessen their self-esteem and their confidence. With the presence of modern cosmetic surgeries in the market, a woman has now the chance to leave abdomen sagginess behind. This is called the tummy tuck surgery.

The top question of women who’ve been pregnant before is how soon they would be able to be a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery after giving birth. Here are the factors that a surgeon consider before recommending you to undergo surgery.

After giving birth and breastfeeding, you are required to wait for at least six months. This is because you need to allow enough time for your abdomen to recoil to its maximum extent and to be stabilized naturally.

During this period, your fascia would become firmer and your weight after giving birth would become stable. It is also recommended to do some exercise a few months after childbirth. This is also to make sure that the infections or other wound separation that occurred during a C-section have healed completely.

But remember, is not highly recommended for the majority of women who have had only a single pregnancy. The sagginess of the abdomen usually happens after multiple pregnancies. In most situations, it happens to a woman who got pregnant at the age of 35 and above. Also, you must finish having children before considering undergoing the tummy tuck procedure.Though it will not stop you from getting pregnant, being so after the surgery can bring negative effects to the result of the procedure.


How soon after pregnancy can i have a tummy tuck
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