A-shape buttock

A-shape buttock

Aside from the breasts, both men and women want to achieve an A-shaped buttock. But for those that aren’t familiar with it, what’s exactly an A-shaped buttock? It considered as the sexiest and most feminine shape of a buttock. You can look at this diagram to be familiar on what this term is all about.

There’s a line drawn on top of the buttocks, as well as a horizontal line from side to side. There’s another horizontal line that is drawn on the bottom part. When you put a 45 degree line, it will show you an A shape. You can perform it on your body, (of course with some help) to see if you already have it or not. You’re lucky if you already have A-shaped buttocks! It means when you undergo Brazilian buttock surgery, your chances of getting the best possible result are relatively high.

If you already have a nice foundation, the surgeon won’t need to change the proportion of the top and bottom part. The surgeon would only need to inject fats mainly to fill the in between. If you have an A-shaped buttocks prior to the surgery, you and your surgeon would only need less effort to achieve amazing results!

A-shape buttock
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