Discoloration of the skin after lipo

Discoloration of the skin after lipo

Liposuction is a famous harmless cosmetic procedure. However, it doesn’t mean that a patient wouldn’t experience pain and discomfort after the surgery. There would be pain and swelling, bruising and skin discoloration among others.

The surgical areas where liposuction has been performed may turn dark and blotchy after the surgery. Not all patients experience this condition. It can happen when your skin cells release pigments while under the stress of mending. However, do not be alarmed as skin discoloration heals on its own. There are also available treatments such as topical creams that have bleaching agents which will help you regain your skin’s natural color.

During the intervention, the stubborn fat is sucked out of the body using a hollow cannula. This fat will be processed and reused for fat transfer later on, on the areas of the body that needs enhancement. The procedure creates inflammation and fluid collection. The cells of the skin react to inflammation which causes the skin discoloration.

If you fully understand the possible results of liposuction, you will be aware of the serious complications and other conditions that you need not worry about. Skin discoloration can be treated accordingly with a good solution.

Discoloration of the skin after lipo
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